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My name is Karin Hedberg, and I welcome you to my Gallery.

Take your time and enjoy my art.

My art is my life philosophy; I am an artist who enjoys the art of living.

For me life is an exciting adventure. Each day is an opportunity for me to learn new things especially about myself. To go within and discover who I am is a real adventure. To grow, develop and understand why I am here is the force that makes my life so enjoyable and also the force behind me when creating my art.

Each time I stand in front of a big white canvas or piece of watercolour paper and totally surrender to what wants to emerge, without any ideas or knowing about what it will be, is a big challenge for me. When I succeed, the joy and satisfaction is deep and great!

As I find it very fulfilling and fascinated working with and supporting people in their own growth and development I also run painting courses to share the 17 Vedic principles of Art and Life. This Vedic knowledge has been very valuable for me in my creative work. Read more on my web site

I am a qualified Journey Therapist and was trained by Brandon Bays in the UK. I am also a qualified Life coach trained by Thomas Andersson at Strandska Utvecklingshuset in Kungälv. I use both those techniques to support people in finding their own way and how to reach their highest potential. You can read more about this on my website

And now, back to my Art Gallery, where I open the door and wish you a warm welcome ! Take time to enjoy my paintings in the different rooms. If you have any questions or feed back, please don´t hesitate to click on Contact, and send it to me, I will answer your email as soon as possible.

Karin Hedberg.

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Karins kreationer.